Sunday, August 3, 2008

sushi, steak, pasta, spam musubi, and ketchup

Other wild places you've had sex: I've had sex on a city bus while in transit, I've had sex on the beach, in the cemetery, while a guy was driving 80 on the highway (now that everyone has to try), sex in a public bathroom, and sex at the bar (and I mean at the bar ordering drinks). Wondering how I pulled that one off. Well I had a skirt on, the key to doing this, and the guy came up behind me and stuck his big dick in me. He even put his phone on vibrate and had me call his phone. While we were doing that, I had ordered myself and him a drink from the bar. People on the side of us at the bar were just shocked and trying to figure out if we were having sex or just dirty dancing.

Orlando Bloom (just because I want to fuck him)-Nautica Thorne

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