Sunday, August 3, 2008

Name: Priscilla Milan

Wasup fellas is my Julius again with another episode of BALLHONEYS. This time, I had the opportunity to experience cyber sex. So I bought this glasses and I connected them to the computer. Then I choose this beautiful girl call Priscilla. This cyber chic gave me this amazing blowjob that fell so real. Then I made all my fantasies come true. I fucked her cowgirl, then missionary and then I put her doggy style at the end because that’s the way I like to cum. The sex was so real that you will want to try it, is an experience like no other. Priscilla is so incredible that you will fall in love with this cyber-chic, her ass and her beautiful natural tits gave me great satisfaction. So get ready for this new experience that it will blow your mind.

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