Sunday, August 3, 2008

fucked it up, Oklahoma

Poorn legal teen raping from Poorn legal teen raping raping Poorn legal teen raping Christine Fugate follows Stacy Valentine, Oklahoma girl next door turned porn star through the recognisable dilemmas of a young woman being sucked into the beauty scene where image is more important than content and anything can be bought. "Why do I want a man when I can have sex with hunks at work and come home to cuddle my cats?" becomes "I want to trust him but I can't" as fellow porn star Julian and Stacy try living together. Why bother with dieting and exercise "Go to Dr Fisher, he'll take care of it" becomes "I hope I'm not hurting myself". The thrilling scenes of surgery left me with little doubt. It's not an easy way to make a crust. Getting 5 nominations in the Adult Video Awards for '98 with 10,000 porn movies made each year is no mean feat. But Stacy's inability to find "another type of touch" wears her down. Fan autograph sessions with groupies for the camera, the emotional pressure from her mother to find someone, the insecurity of her fragile grip on trust in a relationship are all exacerbated by a profession which pimps her soul. "I'm trying to make myself unrealistic - I can't keep up - I look in the mirror and I see a stranger."

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